Special settings needed for Crystaltech CF 9 hosting site?

Hi Folks,

Installed the latest Coldbox bundle locally - works perfect.

FTP’d it up to my Crystaltech hosting and am receiving the following error when attempting to access the dashboard - no reported file transfer errors from Filezilla. It looks like Coldfusion is adding the coldbox path to the end of the current location instead of from the root. My local system d/n have any mappings defined other than the default /CFIDE and /gateway so assuming I do not need to have / or /coldbox mapped.

Any ideas?


p.s. d:\intepub\woestman is the root of my site


I may have found the issue - looks like someone else may already have a /coldbox mapping setup to D:\Inetpub\rezumebank\coldbox\system\Coldbox.cfc:63 - will try refactoring coldbox to use a different mapping name.

In CF9 is it possible to override a mapping set at the admin level with an application level mapping?


Did you try to add the custom mapping to the application.cfc?

eg. <cfset THIS.Mappings[ “/coldbox” ] = “/your/path/to/coldbox/” />

I am not sure if it will override the existing mapping, but I would assume that it should.

Give it a shot.

Hi Keven - I tried it without the THIS - I will have to give that a shot. I did refactor CB and that did work however.


Hey Kevin - no luck - but thanks for the suggestion. Looks like CF9 mappings set at the global level are not able to be overridden at the programming level.


CF9 mappings set at the global level are not able to be overridden at the programming level.

They are allowed, however it has to be enabled in the CFAMIN.

CTEK would have to Check the “Enable Per App Settings” option in the admin panel.

But this may not help with using ColdBox with a runtime Mapping since a “runTime” setting could not be used to overwrite something at “compiletime”.

src. http://blog.daemon.com.au/go/blog-post/application-specific-mappings-are-horribly-broken


That seems quite wrong. In my installations on CF8 and CF9 both, a mapping in the Application.cfc’s pseudo constructor absolutely overrides one set in the CFAdministrator.

Thanks Matt & Kevin - I will check with Crystaltech to see if they have the local override set. Definitely will be nice to be able to override other folks settings in the shared environment.