Specify a layout for each view in some folder - ColdBox 3.5 BE


I have two layouts:
Layout.Main.cfm (default)

FYI: I am not using module for Admin section

Now I have all the views for admin inside the views/Admin directory
I want to use Admin layout for each view inside the admin folder.

Is it possible?

I tried to set the coldbox configuration like this:

layouts = [
{ name=“admin”,file=“Layout.Admin.cfm”,folders="^admin" }

But that not worked.
It uses only main layout.
Please help. I don’t want to specify layout in handler or action.

The best option is do a preHandler, prevent or preprocess for your handler that will use setLayout()


This is working.

I see this docs, so I thought my method may work. But it didn’t.

Well I didn’t know you could do it there as well, might need to check with Luis then because that should work. Maybe it doesn’t work because it might need to be ^handlers.admin as the folder by default is handlers then admin. But having said that is Admin a folder?

That should work actually.

As you suggested, I tried “^handlers.admin” and “^views.admin”. but no success.

All admin handlers are in handlers\admin directory
All admin views are in views\admin
layouts are in same directory: layouts\Layout.Admin.cfm and layouts\Layout.Main.cfm

Yeah I am not sure, I know that it probably uses a regex and that is something I will admit to being my absolute weakness. So maybe Luis or someone else can chime in with that setting, but I have always done the other way as I first suggested.

i've used the following in the past...

admin = {
        file = "layout.admin.cfm",
        folders = "admin"

with all my admin views being in the /views/admin directory and it has
worked for me.


How do you write this setting in Coldbox.cfc?

I tried to write like:

layouts = [
{ name=“admin”,file=“Layout.Admin.cfm”,folders=“admin” }

But this does not work.

something like this should work.

layouts = {
      admin = {
        file = "layout.admin.cfm",
        folders = "admin"

I am surprised that this is still not working for me.

Here we are creating a layout and giving them a name called “admin”.
Should I have to use it anywhere or not?

I just setup a little test to make sure, but this works

layouts = [

{ name = “admin”,

file = “Layout.Admin.cfm”,

folders = “Admin”



Then any view that I consume from the admin folder uses the admin layout, for example.

function index(event,rc,prc) {



I even double checked and it worked fine with implicit views as well.



Thank you for your detailed answer.

I was appending extra “/” in view name and that cause the issue.