Sr. Developer

Do you need somebody?

  • ColdFusion is my passion with 10+ years experience.
  • I love ColdBox, Model-Glue, Mach-II, ColdSpring, Transfer, CF9 ORM, MXUnit, Selenium, Ant, Hudson, jQuery, HTML5, Flex, AIR, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch.
  • I am tired to work on legacy projects.
  • I love new projects, new code, new challenges.
  • I have startup experience with all buzz words and internet & social media culture.
  • I love to talk/present/mentor/consult on ColdFusion/Flex.
  • I did project management, team lead.
  • I am a geek who follows & talks on technology, science and the future.
  • Believing in positive attitude, team culture & cohesive teams, and bright futures.

Now I am looking for a fulltime position in a stable technology company in Bay Area, New York or DC Metro areas.

I know you need somebody like me. Feel free to contact me for my resume and references!

  • CB