SSLEnable not working on windows

I’m on windows 7: when I try to start a server with:

server start --SSLEnable

the server does not start, the browser tab does not open but the cli tells me the server status is running. Is this a bug or should I add some other parameters to start command?

There is a bug that prevents the browser from opening. If you do server list --verbose, what HTTPS port is shown? What happens when you try and hit that port?

I’ve found HTTP only really works correctly when I use port 443 for it AND include the HTTPS in the URL.



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ColdBox Platform:

This is what I got:


Starting in background - Server i
version 2.3.3

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_4
-jar "E:\CommandBox\lib\runwar-
-war “E:\wamp\www\DashBox”
–port 49343
–debug false
–stop-port 49344
–processname “DashBox”
–log-dir "E:\CommandBox/server

–open-browser true
–server-name “DashBox”
–lib-dirs “E:\CommandBox/lib”
–tray-icon "E:\CommandBox/lib/
–railo-web-config “E:\CommandB
–railo-server-config "E:\Comma
–http-enable true
–ssl-enable true
–ssl-port 1443
–urlrewrite-enable false


If I go to it works.