Strange behavior in structure handling with mocbox

I believe i have found a bug in mockbox and the way it handles
structures as arguments.

Structure sorting is handled automatically by coldfusion and is not
something developers normally have any control over. So i was quite
suprised when i noticed that when you load a structure in a different
order, the native mockbox method returns a different result.

I noticed this trying to pass an argument collection into a mock
method. If you set up a mock method like this:

myStruct = structNew(); = 1;
myStruct.two = 2;
myStruct.three = 3;

myCustomDAOMock.$("getKey").$args(argumentCollection = myStruct).

and call it like this:

myStruct = structNew(); = 1;
myStruct.two = 2;
myStruct.three = 3;

stuResults = myCustomDAOMock.getKey(argumentCollection = stuParams);

If the arguments are NOT in the same order, this CAN cause a mismatch
and your results are not returned.

It is caused (i think) by this line in mockbox:


Take a look at this straight coldfusion code for an interesting

  stuArgs = structNew(); = 1;
  stuArgs.four = '';
  stuArgs.two = '"London*"';
  stuArgs.three = '';
  stuArgs.six = '';
<cfdump var="#stuArgs#">

<br />

  stuNewParams = structNew();
  stuNewParams.four = ''; = 1;
  stuNewParams.three = '';
  stuNewParams.six = '';
  stuNewParams.two = '"London*"';
<cfdump var="#stuNewParams#">

Same issue as the other entry in the list. Positional paramters are used when mocking and named paramters for execution. These will not match. Choose one.

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Ortus Solutions, Corp

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