Strange problem with AppName

Hi Guys

I am contacting you with a strange problem.

On my server I have several cold-box applications that overwrite each other.

I can load an application without error. The second application is in charge of setting the first application and can throw errors.

In addition I have set up two subdomains that illustrate the problem:

In the debug window at the bottom of the screen you will see that the applications take the same application name.

I can not locate the error. Has anyone ever had such a problem?

Information about the server:
ColdFusion 9.0.2 Standalone
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Cold box is centrally involved as a ColdFusion mapping.

The names of the applications are generated in the Coldbox.cfc file as follows:

  • test_ right # (hash (GetDirectoryFromPath (GetCurrentTemplatePath ())), 50) #_ V1_0
  • test1_ right # (hash (GetDirectoryFromPath (GetCurrentTemplatePath ())), 50) #_ V1_0

For a tip, I would be very grateful.



Check your CF Admin settings under caching. Uncheck component cache and cache web server paths.

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Before I answer, I want to be perfectly clear. Are both the in Application.cfc different as well as the coldbox.appName in /config/ColdBox.cfc?

Well actually, the second one doesn’t really matter. It all boils down the CFML in Application.cfc



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Hi Brad

On both subdomains cold-box samples were used:

The Application.cfc is as follows:

  • = hash (getCurrentTemplatePath ());

The installation therefore were identical except for the name of the app in the Coldbox.cfc.

Hi Luis

This is the solution! Many Thanks

It is not clear why needs to be disabled on this server the “Component Cache”. On the local environment it works with activated “Component Cache”, which Coldufsion 10 is used there.

But I’m going to find out myself.

Cache web server paths which disabled.