Suggestion for Pre-App Conventions

It would be nice to have a default handler added to the convention so
that my url would be shortened from to

Did you check DefaultEvent in coldbox.cml.cfm?

DefaultEvent in coldbox.xml.cfm does tell CB what handler and event
are the default but I'm asking for it to not append /handler on the
url when you first come to the site. Perhaps that may have to do with
the SES Routes now that I think about it. Let me check into it.

Look here:

I’m not using SES though.

Yep, I think it has something to do with setUniqueURLs(true) in my
routes config. I'm not sure how to correct it while also maintaining
unique urls.

Yes, that is due to setUniqueURLs() It has to at least re-send the main handler. I would set it to false. I will look into seeing, if I can remove the /handler if its the default even or not.