Suggestions for FeedReader plugin

1st Suggestion:
Not sure of the exact lines (maybe 564 and 645), but under each of
parseAtomItems() and parseRSSItems(), there is this section:

  if( arguments.maxItems neq 0){
    itemLength = arguments.maxItems;

I suggest this be changed to:

  if( arguments.maxItems neq 0 and arguments.maxItems lt itemLength){
    itemLength = arguments.maxItems;

If the blog being pulled is not well established and doesn't have as
many items as you'd like, this fails. If I specify I want 25 maximum,
but there are only 12, then the loop below (for(x=1; x lte itemLength;
x=x + 1){) fails because it tries to hit item 13, which doesn't exist.

2nd Suggestion:
Obviously, there are so many flavors of the rss feeds out there, and
what data is in each and isn't, that it becomes tricky to get the
right data out of these. I suggest, in each of the same two
functions, after the sections, around lines
505 and 609:

   /* If one date field is empty, fill with the other */
   if ( trim(node.Date) IS "" AND trim(node.DateUpdated) IS NOT "" )
node.Date = node.DateUpdated ;
   if ( trim(node.DateUpdated) IS "" AND trim(node.Date) IS NOT "" )
node.DateUpdated = node.Date ;

I added these in my local override to ensure, hopefully, that both of
these fields have a date when only one is available. I found that out
of several blogs I was pulling, that some had one of those dates and
some had the other on occasion.

- WB

Fixed both issues on SVN.