Switch off sidebar for a specific layout?

Hello Coldbox Gurus,

is there a way to switch off the sidebar for a layout?
I need it for my Ajax-Html rendering - here is the sidebar code very

Best thanks in advance

Hi Majo,

At the moment, we cannot disable sidebar for a specific event or

But we do have plan to add this feature in very near future.


you can, isProxyRequest disables sideBar

Can we revisit this question? I have certain coldbox events I'm
loading into containers via AJAX and I created a stripped down layout
for those events...associated the events to the layout...and when I
execute my code, I'm getting more than one sidebar appearing on the

Ernst - I don't follow your solution.

Maybe there's a better way to approach this situation...how does
everyone render coldbox events into containers via ajax? Can you opt
for no layout?

I render a 'ajax' view in my handler like this:

   <cffunction name="getMyView" access="public" returntype="string"
    <cfargument name="Event" type="coldbox.system.beans.requestContext">
    <cfreturn renderView('myView')>


So from your main page you call the coldboxproxy, which calls the
handler, which returns the view.

Or you can just use the event.renderData() method also.

Again, the problem is removing the sidebar. We will investigate how to disable it on a per request basis.

See, I'm not just rendering views...I'm loading entire coldbox events
into certain containers.

...or are you saying for THAT event's handler, instead of setView
()...do a renderData()?

I think I just answered my own question.

Shucks...I'm using the renderData() method in another area...why
didn't I put 2 and 2 together.

Oh well, now I know... That worked GREAT!

Ryan, if this helps give food for thought, here’s a snippet out of one of my handlers where I’m using renderData to return a rendered view via an ajax call that does what your ajax call does. I’m not sure if that will solve your issue or not, but it’s probably something fairly simple to try:

<cfset arguments.event.renderData(type=“plain”,data=getPlugin(‘renderer’).renderView(‘authentication/login’)) />

Doug B


Yup! I actually pulled that renderData() method out of one of your
blogs a few weeks ago. Like I said before, I was using this in
another area, and I didn't put 2 and 2 together in this specific
situation...once I did...viola...one sidebar! :slight_smile:

BTW...I double checked the sidebar interceptor and don't see any way
to position it "easily" without some reskinning/recssing it. Maybe
I'm wrong?


You can set the yOffset if that's what you mean.

Check the docs for more settings