[TestBox 1.0.0 Alpha] Problem with toThrow Matcher


I’m building a spec to verify that a required parameter will throw an exception if it is not passed in. I’m using the toThrow matcher but it does not seem to match the exception being thrown.

Am I using toThow all wrong? Here’s the two examples I have tried matching against:

it("requires content for update", function(){ expect(myObj.updateMyData()).toThrow('Application', 'The MYPARAM parameter to the updateMyData function is required but was not passed in.'); })


it("requires content for update", function(){ expect(myObj.updateMyData()).toThrow(); })

Any help is appreciated!

BTW, thanks for building this. I’ve been looking for an active BDD framework for CF. I’m really glad I found this. Cheers!


The issue you are having I that you are not enclosing the call in a closure.

Expect( function(){ myObj.updateMyData(); } )

That was it. Thanks a million!