[testbox] standalone mapping

Hi Chaps,

I’m getting myself confused here so hopefully you guys will point out the obvious mistake I’m making :slight_smile:

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • setting up Testbox for a legacy application (no frameworks) on ColdFusion 10 that has no test suite
  • I have download and extracted Testbox 2.1.0 to a non web accessible location [~/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/]
  • So I have something like:


inside the testbox directory I have:


In ColdFusion Administrator I have created mapping named “testbox” to “/Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox”

In my webroot I have created a simple testrunner:

<cfset r = new testbox.system.TestBox(directory={ mapping=“unittests”, recurse=true }, reporter=“simple”)>

When I run that I get:

Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface testbox.system.testing.BaseSpec.

Ensure that the name is correct and that the component or interface exists.

The error occurred in /Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/TestBox.cfc: line 371

Called from /Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/TestBox.cfc: line 346

Called from /Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/TestBox.cfc: line 165

Called from /Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/TestBox.cfc: line 96

Looking in the “/Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/” directory there isn’t a “testing” directory. BaseSpec has a path of “/Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/”. So I’m not sure where that “testing” part of “testbox.system.testing.BaseSpec” is being picked up from.

I’ve used Testbox before so not quite sure why I’m having issues today - probably something dumb I’m doing but I just can’t spot it at the moment!

Thanks :slight_smile:


So the first part was me being dumb - I’d inherited from “testbox.system.system.BaseSpec” instead of “testbox.system.BaseSpec” duh!

Anyway, fixed that and have a new error:

Element ‘’ is undefined in a CFML structure referenced as part of an expression.

The error occurred in /Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/BaseSpec.cfc: line 75

Called from /Users/johnwhish/home/dev.ccb.any-survey.com/webroot/admin/system/testSuite/unittests/foo/fooTest.cfc: line 7

Called from /Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/runners/BDDRunner.cfc: line 42

Called from /Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/TestBox.cfc: line 352

Called from /Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/TestBox.cfc: line 165

Called from /Users/johnwhish/projects/coldfusion/testbox-2_1_0/testbox/system/TestBox.cfc: line 96

Called from /Users/johnwhish/home/dev.ccb.any-survey.com/webroot/admin/system/testSuite/unittests/testboxrunner.cfm: line 2

73 : */

74 : function beforeEach( required any body ){

75 : this.$suitesReverseLookup[ this.$suiteContext ].beforeEach = arguments.body;

76 : }

77 :

I’m shutting the Mac down for the day and will debug it tomorrow, expect I’ll see what I’ve messed up in the morning - but if anyone has any suggestions to save me some time that would be handy :slight_smile:


Maybe you need some sleep :slight_smile:

Can you post your bundle, it seems something is wrong there. as that line of code is the beforeEach() reverse lookup. Meaning the closure is wrong.

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Gah! That was it :slight_smile: I knew it was something dumb I’d done. Will get some sleep.

Thanks Luis!