Thank You for Snippets & Dictionary

I have to say that this is the reason that I started to learn ColdBox
after trying out Model Glue and Mach-II. The sheer amount of effort
that's gone into making my life easier (even if sometimes I end up
making it harder myself :-). The huge number of snippets, well thought
out trigger text, and built-in code insight really makes a huge
difference when trying to learn the framework, as it keeps me from
having to continually go back to the documentation in order to figure
out the syntax of something that I already know I want to do.

This is really going to speed up the learning process for me and will
allow me to get into the framework quicker, and bug your team less for
help :-).

With sincere gratitude,

Daniel Short
Adobe Community Expert
Architect, Site Drive, Inc.

P.S.: Yes, you can use that quote anywhere you'd like :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

even more docs on your desktop....LOL

Try hopefully you will like this as well.


ooooooooooooo, even better :). I had installed the plugin to Eclipse
but hadn't yet tried it. Good stuff people. Keep up the fantastic