The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas 2017- Day 12 - CommandBox 4.0 Roadmap

Merry Christmas everyone! This is our final installment for this year’s 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas! We’re leaving this year with a bang as we look forward to what’s coming in the future with the next major release of CommandBox CLI.

CommandBox 4.0 Roadmap

Download the PDF version of our 4.0 roadmap here:

Here’s an overview of the highlights:

  • Core Improvements
    • Convert CLI core to Lucee 5 Complete in 4.0 snapshot!
    • Default server will also be Lucee 5 Complete in 4.0 snapshot!
    • Upgrade to Jline 3 Complete in 4.0 snapshot!
  • Improve ability to write native binary tools with CommandBox
    • Globally “install” commands on PC. Alias “box myUtil” at the OS as just “myUtil”
    • Provide build to generate custom distributables likes myUtilBasedOnBox.exe
  • Task Runner Improvements
    • Make it easier to load ad-hoc modules in a Task Runner
    • Compile Java sources for builds and other missing features from Ant
  • Package Management Improvements
    • Maven endpoint for jar installation
    • ForgeBox Enterprise (onsite appliance for corporations)
    • Publishing upload progress bar (for S3 storage of private packages coming soon)
  • Installation improvements
    • Auto-add to system path for Windows users
    • File type associations for context menus
  • User Experience
    • Refresh some of the existing ASCII art and add in additional in some fun places
    • First time shell run wizard to customize after installation
    • Bullet Train for CommandBox
  • Native .cfm/.cfc execution improvements
    • Better command line arg handling
    • Execute via CommandBox’s execute command
  • Server Enhancements
    • MariaDB support from Runwar
    • Block certain paths with Undertow
    • Orchestration API