The event is not valid registered event.

Hi there

Having a few issues and wondered if anyone could assist.

I have set up an application using coldbox 3 and all is working well
locally, however I have uploaded the site to my live servers and am getting an error anytime i try to
navigate through my application.

When I click through the site I get an error message, for example "The
event: index.cfm.portfolio is not valid registered event." It seems
like coldbox is presuming that my index.cfm file is part of the event
request. This isnt happening locally, so I presume I have something
set up incorrectly in my configurations.

Any clues?


Do you have ‘index.cfm’ within your config/Routes.cfm file?

I have not experienced this issue, but, I could see how having this line “setBaseURL(“http://#cgi.HTTP_HOST#/”);” instead of "setBaseURL(“http://#cgi.HTTP_HOST#/index.cfm/”); could cause the issue if you do indeed pass ‘index.cfm’ within your links.

Try changing your setBaseURL requests to add ‘index.cfm’.


-Aaron Greenlee

Thanks for your response.

Yeah, i had tried that, but it still bringing up the same issue...


I’ve replied to your other post:!topic/coldbox/mZzMGNFHfRI

Posting here to close the loop. Thanks.