The target requesting the dependency is: 'moduleService@cb'

Has anyone seen this error before with ContentBox 2.0. The site is on Hostek. This was reported as a bug. Any clue as to how I might get the site backup?

Tried reiniting the fw with no positive results.
The DSL Definition {REF={null}, REQUIRED={true}, ARGNAME={}, DSL={model}, JAVACAST={null}, NAME={modulesInvocationPath}, VALUE={null}, SCOPE={variables}} did not produce any resulting dependency

The target requesting the dependency is: ‘moduleService@cb’

The Error Occurred in
/coldbox/system/core/util/Util.cfc: line 164

Since you can’t restart the server, can you try changing the application name in your Application.cfc? This should force a reinit. Also, you may be able to call applicationStop() in your Application.cfc’s onRequestStart() method to restart the app.

What preceded the error? Were you performing an upgrade, or did it just appear?



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Brad that worked by changing the of the Application.cfc. What I was doing was removing some modules. I did an fwreinit and it causes this. When I tried to dump
<cfdump var="#getController().getWirebox().getBinder().getMapping(‘moduleService@cb’).getObjectMetadata()#> this I got this reported Railo error about application.cbBootStrap not existing.
The onSessionStart method somehow is starting before onApplicationStart has finished executing. Luis reported this as an error already for Railo 4.2.1.