Thread blocking when using AsyncManager with database

Hmm, that class is there in 2018 so I’m not sure why you’d be getting the error. Kurt helped test this on an older version of ColdFusion.

Looking at the code, I bet the class loader isn’t finding the coldfusion classes from inside the thread @jason_steinshouer Can you copy the way the fusionContextStatic variable is created where it’s created in the init and then just used below?

variables.DataSrcImplStatic = createObject( "java", "coldfusion.sql.DataSrcImpl" );

then in the unloadContext method…


That did the trick for me. Great find guys!

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@bdw429s did you get to send a PR for that change ?

There is a ticket in JIRA and the PR is merged into ColdBox already.

Just wanted to note that ColdBox 6.3.0 was released today with a fix for this issue. Thanks folks!

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