[Tip of the Week] Auto-deleting Moderated Comments

Between the Akismet module and the ability to moderate (or even block!) comments based on certain words, IPs, etc., ContentBox provides a nice level of protection from the incessant attacks from spam bots that try to sell you the latest UGG Boots. But the bots are clever, and every once in a while a spam comment or two makes it way through. If you hate cleaning up moderated comments as much as I do, you should check out the new auto-delete feature for moderated comments.

To use, simply login to your ContentBox Administrator and navigate to the Comment Settings. Under the Moderation tab, you’ll see an option for “Number of days before auto-deleting moderated comments”. All you have to do is enter the number of days that you’d like to use, and ContentBox will automatically remove any moderated comments that are old enough to exceed your days-to-live setting. Pretty easy, huh?

P.S. if you’d prefer to not have ContentBox delete moderated comments for you, simply set the "Number of days…" setting to 0.

Happy blogging!

When did that get thrown in… Very nice feature.


I don’t bother messing with comments now unless they’re for real (rarely happens). The rest just disappear in a few days like GMails spam folder.



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Neat feature, didn’t know that.

Depending on the number of incoming comments, it might be annoying to check the comments and approve them.
I prefer to check the content of the comment against a list having the most popular spam words. Usually by checking the string [URL] is good enough, while spam bots are using this string to publish their URL for selling their stuff.

My comment form for ContentBox works like this and i’m really interested at the time the blog goes online, how long it takes until the first spam bots will hit the pages.

cheers and i wish you a spam free day :wink: