[ Tip Of the Week ] Introducing ColdBox MVC to a legacy app

Since I get a lot of questions about how to introduce ColdBox MVC into an existing legacy app, I have created a sample app on GitHub that you can install and run in a matter of seconds with CommandBox that shows how to set it up. Read more here on the blog post:




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Hi Brad

I have knowledge of coldfusion but this is first time i am working with coldbox.

We wanted to convert our existing application to coldbox platform one by one.

I have created a project from your link.

mkdir coldbox-legacy-app-demo --cd
install bdw429s/coldbox-legacy-app-demo
server start

As on production server we have Coldfusion 10 so the latest coldbxo version is not supporting in coldfusion 10. So i have download and used a coldbox 4.3 version.

This is working fine in Local throught commandbox.

When i upload the same code to a test directory called “coldboxdemo” in our webroot. But it is not working.

But when i Run the demo it is not working. (domain.com/coldboxdemo/index.cfm).

Can you please help me with this. I am stuck in the middle.

Below is my code in application.cfc



You will need to reinit the framework after you change the default error template for the change to take effect.

Hi Brad

Thanks for your reply.

This is now working but i am facing some issue in this.

I have applied rule which takes tellafried page processed as coldbox.

Old Link: domain.com/html/tellafriend.cfm
I want the url to be same but it should process through coldbox.

This is working some times but it suddenly stops working after some time.

It keeps switing on and off multiple times in a day.

I am getting below error when it is not working.

Oopsy! Something went wrong!Type: HandlerService.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException

* The full robust errors can be seen by switching the coldbox.customErrorTemplate in your configuration file (/config/ColdBox.cfc) to “/coldbox/system/includes/BugReport.cfm” and reloading the application.

I am not sure why this is working sometimes and sometime it stops.

Can you please help me.