[Tip of the Week] Mapping Entire Directories with Wirebox

By default, WireBox will look for your CFCs using the “models” convention (scan location). So, if you ask WireBox to get you “Services.Security.PadLockService”, WireBox will look for that path and component name in the root of the models directory and create a WireBox mapping for you.

If you want to reference that CFC as just “PadLockService” or an alias such as “MyReallySecureService”, you can create an explicit mapping like so in your WireBox config:


What if you have a ton of CFCs scattered about a bunch of sub-directories and you don’t want to type out the DSL for all of them? Enter map Directory()! This handy function can be placed right in your config and it will instruct WireBox to recursively search through the directory you specify and create a mapping for every CFC it finds.

The following DSL will create a mapping for every component in “/models/Services” and all of its sub directories.


WireBox gives you a lot of flexibility to get your components mapped, and mapDirectory() is a very handle tool to keep in your bag of tricks.

More info here: http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/WireBox.cfm#Mapping_Initiators

P.S. When using mapDirectory(), the mapping ID (what you use to auto wire that component later when you need to use it) will default to the name of the CFC. You can override that as well as other settings with annotations in the component declaration.

component name=“PadLockService” alias=“MyReallySecureService” {}



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