[Tip of the Week] The ForgeBox community

We want to build a strong community around the ColdBox family. That’s why we have the ForgeBox source directory. What is ForgeBox? I’m glad you asked. ForgeBox is a public collection of internal and community-contributed plugins, modules, widgets, interceptors and more that you can download and drop into your application to save you time and effort if the wheel you need has already been invented.

URL: http://www.coldbox.org/forgeBox

ForgeBox even has a REST API that the CFBuilder Platform Utilities and ContentBox tap into to make themselves self-updating and capable of downloading forgebox entries (like new ContenBox layouts) without you even visiting the site.

Please take a moment to search through the contributions on ForgeBox and please submit any code you would like to see included.

More info here: http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/ForgeBox:API-Documentation.cfm

P.S. Don’t forget to rate the projects you download from ForgeBox using the 5-star voting system built into the site.



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