[Tip of the Week] View Helpers

Have you ever had an ad-hoc helper UDF that you needed in your view? Perhaps it was too localized to put in your global UDF Library, but you didn’t want to clutter up your actual view with the logic. That’s what View Helpers are here for.

They’re incredibly simple and driven by good-old conventions. If you have a view file called products.cfm, simply create a file in the same folder called productsHelper.cfm. That “helper” file will automatically be included along with your view by the ColdBox framework. You can place one-off formatting functions, or dynamic JS/CSS in these files, but please-- no business logic.

More info here: http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/Layouts-Views.cfm#View_Helpers

P.S. You can create a helper file that will be included for all the views in a folder. If you had a folder of views called “orders”, then you would simply create the file “/views/orders/ordersHelper.cfm”. See the pattern?



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