TransferORM Sample Application Transfersample2 in CB 3.0 Samples Directory FAILS

I set up the correct database in MySQL (pain as I use SQL Server) and
the datasource transfersample2 in CF Administrator and then ran the
application from the the samples directory:
... And yes I re-inited the framework.

1) In Coldbox.cfc:
    datasources = {
      MyDSN = {name="transfersample2", dbType="mysql"}

    // custom settings
    settings = {
      //Transfer ORM settings
      TransferSettings.datasourcePath = "config/datasource.xml.cfm",
      TransferSettings.configPath = "config/transfer.xml.cfm",
      TransferSettings.definitionPath = "/#appMapping#/config/

    //IOC Integration
    ioc = {
      framework = "coldspring",
      reload = true,
      objectCaching = false,
      definitionFile = "/#AppMapping#/config/coldspring.xml.cfm"

2) In coldspring.xml.cfm:
  <bean id="transferFactory" class="transfer.TransferFactory"
    <constructor-arg name="datasourcePath">
    <constructor-arg name="configPath">
    <constructor-arg name="definitionPath">

The following exception occurs on all database operations: I must
point out that the readme.txt for the app does say:

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: coldspring.beanCreationException : [N/A]
Error Messages: Bean creation exception during init() of
An error occurred when performing a file operation read on file C:
{TransferSettings.datasourcePath}.:The cause of this exception was: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\coldbox\samples
{TransferSettings.datasourcePath} (The system cannot find the file

I must point out that the readme.txt for the app does say the
following (But these are all old versions, and I have the latest???):

What you need

The readme states....

1. For simplicity, place all the 'frameworks' and this sample application in your webroot,so you will have something like:

- wwwroot

       - ColdBox

      - ColdSpring

       - Transfer

       - transfersample

If you follow that setup, this sample should work fine. The readme does need the verisions updated. It will work now with CB 3.0 and Transfer 1.1


Curt Gratz