Two blogs on site

Is this possible? Following structure: -> Blog in German -> Blog in English

I tried to add a blog as a subpage, but didn’t find the option.

Both blogs should have different content.

Technically you could but it would be using a page structure since you only have one blog stream at this point.

You could just do it with normal pages and a blog layout for them. The only difference between a page and a blog entity is an excerpt and hierarchy.

I’m wondering if it could be done by changing routes?

We could work with one blog internally, we would assign a category for each language/blog. Then if the blog
would be displayed entries would have to be filtered in advance by category. Would that be possible? -> Filter all blog posts with category de -> Filter all blog posts with category en

I played a bit with the routes in ModuleConfig, but I’m not sure how to do it correctly.

Ahh yes, that would work as well.

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Hi Luis,

i’'ve tried to implement gunnar’s idea with the categories ‘en’ and ‘de’.
But I’ve problems to build correct links within the blog, e.g. to other categories (cb.quickCategories()). To bulid the links the method siteroot() in CBHelper.cfc will be called and that method reads the variable cbEntryPoint in the prc scope. This variable is a value binded in the application scope and I think, this variable will be initialized at startup und should not be change.
In our case with a blog which is reachable in two ways (,, the entryPoint is not fix, the entryPoint is dependent of the request. Is there an opportunity to edit the entryPoint during the runtime?


Yes Matze.

The entry point is stored in the prc. So you can override it with an interceptor

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