Upgade to 3.5 renderData issue

I am upgrading to 3.5 and getting a lot issues with renderData to JSON. I am missing recordcount in JSOn and the JSON format is different rfom what it sued to be. It does not show me the column names. I have a lot Jquery code written. What would be the least painful process to make it all work as it used to be. Here is what I used to have in renderData

event.renderData(type="json", data=qryHere, jsonCase="LOWER", jsonQueryFormat="array", contentType="application/json");

After reading the API CBQuickDocs I found that recordcount is not there and jsonCase is not there

Json is no longer part of core like it used to be, which means that if you want to use the older way you will need to either write a plugin that supports http://www.epiphantastic.com/cfjson/ or get the plugin from forgebox.

is there drawback of using new way . That means I will have a significant impact on what I already have done, rewriting all my jqueries to aupport new staff, because from what i’ve read new way is better of performance. Is that true?

Yes there is an impact, especially since your using jQuery.

There is also a performance gain, as it uses ColdFusion to do the Json. The reason it has an impact is the way ColdFusion creates the Json, which is a more efficient json object in terms of size. The downside is that jQuery and extJS and maybe others are not fully compatible with this type of Json object.

So you have two options, use the older style Json that I linked you too, or create a method in jQuery to convert the ColdFusion Json to something jQuery can use in JS. One of the reasons I love extJS in this case, as I can create and extended reader to do that with minimal work.

Quick google shows there are plenty of jQuery examples.

@Luis, sounds like the docs need to make this clearer.

Does anybody written the converter?

Steve ‘Cutter’ Blades has done a lot of work on ExtJS and jQuery.

Well I’ve decided for right now do not make any changes to the system. So I’ve downloaded the plugin and placed it in plugins folder. When I run the page the JSON still looks incorrect to what I used to have before I’ve made and upgrade

Your plugins folder? Did you add the code to call it, and did you reinit the application?