Upgrade from 2.6.4 to 3.0.0, "Variable SETPLUGINNAME is undefined"

This is totally weird.

On my local system, things work fine. But I've pushed the code up to
the ISP, and when I attempt to go to the site, I get the error,
"Variable SETPLUGINNAME is undefined."

I've ensured that both copies of the code -- local and live, are
identical. I have the framework code in a coldbox/ folder in the
webroot in both cases, and ensured no mappings exist.

I've deleted and re-uploaded the code three times with the same
result. I'm on the verge of wiping it out again and pushing back up
the old code that is on 2.6.4.

I did a code search and the only instances of the setPlugInName are in
the framework code. It's not particularly elaborate site either.

Any ideas? I'm stumped. Thanks.


Simple stuff first…

I’m sure you called ?fwreinit={x}… ?
Also, are you using trusted cache? If so, did you clear it?

Finally, what happens when you clear the component cache?

Aaron Greenlee