Upgraded to final release of ColdBox 3.0 and one module no longer works

I am not sure why this is the case, and I will do more investigation into this. But what I can tell you is that one of my modules seems to now be running a model that is not even related to the module I am running.

This is hard to explain so let me try.

Module 1:

Is a blog application and has been working for the last 12 months or so.

Module 2:

I have been working on this for now 4 weeks, and all has been going along fine.

Now I have upgraded to the final release and module 1 no longer works, it seems to be running something in module 2 which is causing Module 1 to crash.

This is weird, I have shut down the server to make sure everything is closed. I then started that server up again and it still is running something in module 2.

Luis, if you want to do a connect session for me to show you what is happening let me know, But something is wrong here and is bothering me because both these modules DO NOT rely on each other, yet module 1 is running something in module 2 which it didn’t previously.

So I am not at a standstill until I figure this problem out.


Andrew Scott


Ok I am at a loss to explain this, but so far my tests show that modules no longer work.

I have tried this, and looked at the changes but I don’t see what changes has stopped my modules from working as there are too many changes. But what I can say is module 1 no longer works, module 2 works. Module 1 is somehow running module 2 stuff.

This can’t be right surely!!!


Andrew Scott


Ok I have traced it back to this line of code, after doing a file compare one by one with every file in all the changes this line seems to be a serious problem.


// Remove SES if enabled.

if( controller.settingExists(‘sesBaseURL’) ){



If I do not include this change all works, as soon as this line is added it all breaks big time


Andrew Scott


I don’t know how that can screw things up. That ocurrs on module unloading to remove the ses routes, if any, of the module being unloaded.

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Ok here is what I have found out so far, the logs show nothing weird attached below. From this information so far I have established that when it is recreating/loading the module the routes for module 1, which is a special kind of route is getting screwed. Instead of running a certain event in module 1, it is actually running another event in this module.

The routes are like this:

addModuleRoutes(pattern="/space/:spaceUrl/module1", module=“module1”);

addModuleRoutes(pattern="/space/:spaceUrl/module2", module=" module2");

addRoute(pattern="/space/:spaceUrl/", handler=“space”, action=“displaySpace”);


Now like I said if I remove the earlier stated line of code out, it runs perfect. However if I add those lines back in the actual event that is being run is coming from the following URL

Localhost/space/andyscott/module1 which means the top route should be run, but what is actually getting run is the 3rd route in that list. This is the best I can do at this stage, because I am not sure how you are unloading/reloading and restructuring these routes.

But what is a worry to me is why is it loading and unloading and registering twice?

All I know is that I remove those lines of code and it works, I hope this is enough information to help you get going.

If all else fails Luis, maybe we can do a connect session where I can show you in detail how it should work and how it is actually working. Will leave this up to you, just let me know how I can help more.