Upgrading to ColdBox 3.5? Read this...


Nooooooooooooooooooooo, you can’t dump the custom Json not till Adobe fix theirs correctly…

Custom JSON support in favor of ColdFusion functions for JSON

This can’t be dropped, the ColdFusion one is broken as hell, and this Custom one is far better than ColdFusion one is. See on of my previous posts on getting the fix in the custom Json that had been removed from the original authors one. I rely on that change a lot, because ColdFusion doesn’t support this option.

If this is dropped that means every single one of my applications will not work on CB3.5, please reconsider this.

BeanFactory Compatibility mode deprecated

I use this religously in one of my bigger applications for beans where I can have a cfc and be able to store from a query into it. How would this effect me and what would be the new way of doing this?

The bean factory compat is the one deprecated. Your functionality should remain intact Andrew. All populations and creations remain it just delegates to wirebox instead of the old wirebox code that was cf7 hacked

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