URI to element on same HTML document

I’m using the element in an application using the SES interceptor. I’m attempting to use a jQuery AJAX plugin that requires me to use to reference another element on the page. When I hover over the anchor, my browser is inserting the value in the tag (as designed, but not desired). When you click the anchor, the browser is redirected to the value + #someID. rather than the current page + #someID. I could use CGI variables to make sure I’m directed to the same page, but that seem clunky. The link is supposed to jump down the page without reloading it.

I could work around this with jQuery but wondered what other people are doing in this situation. Any thoughts?

Jason Durham

Has nobody had this problem? This doesn’t seem all that relevant to CB, but many of us are using pretty URLs. I thought, perhaps, someone would have run across this.

Jason Durham


I use the event.getCurrentRoutedURL() to do this. Sorry for the delay in getting you an answer.

So my like would look something like this href=”index.cfm/#event.getCurrentRoutedURL()###someID

Curt Gratz

Computer Know How

Thanks Curt. That led me into the ultimate solution to my problem. I previously tried adding cgi.path_info to test if I got the desired behavior. The page reloaded (something I didn’t want). However, in revisiting it based upon your suggestion… I realized the page reloaded because I had no #someID element on the page. Thanks for your help.

Jason Durham