urlencoded paramters & ses

Hi Luis and Colleagues,

I'm trying to use SES with URLEncoded("non-latin charachters"). I
generated this link;


When i click on that link; i got that error blow.

I also try to remove line 250:261. (the lines start with : <cfif
requestString CONTAINS "?">) in ses.cfc. The error has gone but
#rc.urlparameterencoded# (%CE%BA%CE%BF%CF%81%CE%AF%CF%84%CF%83%CE
%B9%CE%B1) looks like that (???) on the next page.

Thanks for your personal replies Luis :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance,

Are you using an .htaccess file with either Apache mod-rewrite or the
Windows/IIS similar program (can't think of the name offhand.)

If not, you need to place index.cfm in there after your domain and
before your url parameter, and I think you need a routes.xml entry to
tell the system what that parameter's name is. Like id=yourVal or
lastName=yourVal. The routes file can do this for you, but you need
the index.cfm if you're not using an .htaccess file, I believe.

- Will B.

Thanks Captain,

I’m using an isapirewrite.dll. I think this is not issue.


2009/3/13 CaptainPalapa <captainpalapa@gmail.com>

Anybody has an idea on this?

Have a nice week :slight_smile: