userValidator function

i have a Custom Security Validation Object that checks if the user
is logged in and if not shows a login page. this seems to be working
just fine regular navigation.

the userValidator function is actually putting into a session a user
object either by validation of login credentials or an empty one to
show a welcome guest message when being redirected to the login
page.. ie not yet logged in.

the main.onrequestStart handler is adding the session var to the rc
like so.

<cfset rc.oUser = SessionStorage.getVar("oUser")>

this is all working as desired , but when i leave the screen idle
for a while, come back and refresh the page, i get an error that the
does not have a method getname defined. ie. the session var for ouser
is an empty string.

this would imply that the session timed out and the default was set
back to "" on firing of the main.onrequestStart handler..BUT
shouldn't the userService.userValidator have fired first? ( (this is
where the ouser object is created and put into session.) I thought
this interceptor wraps itself around the preprocess event which comes
before the onrequestStart event...

       properties={rulesSource="xml", rulesFile="config/
securityrules.xml.cfm", validatorModel="userService",
               debugMode="true", preEventSecurity="true"}

Where is the error saying oUser doesn't not have the method coming from?
You are correct that in the lifecycle, preprocess happens before the
Request Start Handler.

Curt Gratz
Computer Know How

i figured out my error; refreshing the page while on the security.login page is bypassed by the validator (all security events are white listed) thus the place where i setinsession the empty osuser object never fires.