Using CAS single sign on and Coldbox

I am attempting to get the library made by John Watson to apply CAS Single Sign on to a coldbox environment

I have gotten it so far as to prompt for CAS sign in, but the redirect is having issues

In his instructions there is a section that describes service URLS which i have set to my url correctly, but the redirection that occurs is not giving me the full URL

The initial return url prompts as the page needs, encoded like so:

after input of credentials however, the service url redirects as such

which is strange because the ticket is being issued correctly, i can goto other CASified applications (i have a valid ticket), But i cannot enter the site
which i assume is a Coldbox routing mechanism?

I am using CB 3.5.1, I have attached my Application.cfc, I understand this is a little heady to ask on the group, but I had no where else to turn, i appreciate any feedback that can be given



Application.cfc (6.63 KB)