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I’m trying to build my first module to place the code from Piwik in to the header.
After read some docs, i used the simple LetItSnow module as a “how-to” and template.

Now, if i have two modules. both will fire up and trying to add it’s HTML at the position cbui_beforeHeadEnd, which one will win? Or, how can i setup the starting grid for modules? Which one will be on the pole position?

This goes into my second question: I like maybe to place the code for Piwik not at the end of the header, somewhere in between would be great. I can create my own event, let’s say cbui_piwikPositionHead and name my function the same as seen in the letitsnow module? Is it simple like that?

Cheers and thanks?


Yes, interceptors are fired in the order they are created. Also it pays not to do anything that is reliant on another interceptor in an interveptor.

But the custom point you mention, for sure if you want to do something like this for a custome theme / layout then it is another solution.

It worked out very well.

Maybe others are using Piwik too. Does it make sense to have this module a ForgeBox? If yes, how is the approval process?


Hi Martin–

Currently, the process for submitting to Forgebox is to create a login, fill out the details for your module, and provide a link to the zip. Once you complete that, your module will be available for others to use.

Re: whether it makes sense to have it as a module, I would say the more modules, the better :). As ContentBox adoption increases, there will be more people with different needs which your module might help. It’s very much appreciated, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions about getting this module onto Forgebox.

I agree, more modules, the better. I will upload my tiny module afterwards.

Since the Admin UI looks different, some older modules like the snowsflakes needs a minor overhauling: In index.cfm modifiers should be replaced with

That’s why i asked, if an approval or review process is ongoing.

ForgeBox doesn’t let my upload anything. I only can submit a download URL.

Yes, we don’t support uploading, just linking at the moment.


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I will use our own Git server. Unfortunately, i discovered a bug for anonymous repositories. So i have to wait for the next release of the software.