Using Commandbox in Production


Commandbox uses the Undertow web server, under the hood, which is sponsored by JBoss.

It is very capable, performant, and stable for production use ( I use it, almost exclusively, for production CFML sites now – mostly Docker-based - with a variety of server engines ). For best performance, when dealing with large numbers of static assets, you may want to reverse proxy it behind a web server such as NGINX, further optimizing caching and handling of static assets, but that’s not necessary.

Just remember that Commandbox, itself, is the orchestration tool/process manager for your CFML engine ( Lucee 4.5, Lucee 5, ACF…) and that you are subject to the configuration and security requirements of the that engine, when using it in production.

The Commandbox Docker image has built-in environment flags for server hardening, along with CFConfig, which you may want also take advantage of, if you decide to go the container route: