v1.5.5 Released

I will be doing an official release entries soon, but the auto-updater is now online to upgrade to version 1.5.5 of ContentBox.
There is a tremendous amount of bug fixes and improvements in this release, with ability to now do export/imports of pretty much any content. We have also added
some awesome keyboard shortcuts and an API for the shortcuts as well so module developers can add key shortcuts for their module awesomeness:


Bug- [CONTENTBOX-121] - Pasting Code in editor adds a class that should not be in the final output

  • [CONTENTBOX-213] - Look and feel Widgets throws an error
  • [CONTENTBOX-226] - Default Layout Editor googleAnalitics issue and extra non-existent settings
  • [CONTENTBOX-227] - Error after upgrading to V1.5.4 with security service remember me encryption
  • [CONTENTBOX-228] - Stupid missing / bug on media provider replacements
  • [CONTENTBOX-229] - View in site in blog entry not working or page entry not working
  • [CONTENTBOX-232] - ssl assets not working on security module login
  • [CONTENTBOX-233] - Better exception handling of broken widgets
  • [CONTENTBOX-234] - make path compatible with subdirectory hosted web apps for media manager
  • [CONTENTBOX-237] - Actions Tooltips Cut Off on Dashboard
  • [CONTENTBOX-242] - Layout settings marked as not required are not being evaluated correctly
  • [CONTENTBOX-244] - multiple site emails breaks rss feads
  • [CONTENTBOX-247] - Correct syntax issue in widget renderer
  • [CONTENTBOX-248] - Add mime type for PC compatibility in module updload
  • [CONTENTBOX-249] - Resolve incorrect form post on layout deletion
  • [CONTENTBOX-250] - Rebuild layout registry after layout deletion
  • [CONTENTBOX-251] - Moving pages to “No Parent” does not work on nested pages
  • [CONTENTBOX-253] - JSMin/LESS error in CF10 and Railo
  • [CONTENTBOX-255] - Unable to edit user with URLEncode invalid method
  • [CONTENTBOX-256] - excerpts do not render out dynamic content
  • [CONTENTBOX-259] - E-mail addresses in gravitar source code available to bots
  • [CONTENTBOX-261] - Content is lost when auto-saving on editor switch
  • [CONTENTBOX-267] - Datepickers not showing up on editors in chrome

Improvement- [CONTENTBOX-199] - Quick Filter search all geek settings

  • [CONTENTBOX-230] - Toggle Sidebar menu button for better UI updates
  • [CONTENTBOX-243] - Post/Page notifications show full content not only parts
  • [CONTENTBOX-260] - Prevent E-mail templates from being externally accessable
  • [CONTENTBOX-262] - Prevent dynamic cfm content from being externally accessible
  • [CONTENTBOX-263] - Detect if parent application has loaded i18n capabilities, else load default i18n capabilities

New Feature- [CONTENTBOX-142] - Pages with Excerpt

  • [CONTENTBOX-176] - Add creator user to custom HTML to tell who created the Custom HTML element
  • [CONTENTBOX-231] - Shortcut Key Bindings
  • [CONTENTBOX-238] - Ability to import settings from the geek panel
  • [CONTENTBOX-246] - New setting cb_page_excerpts to allow turnning page summaries on or off globally
  • [CONTENTBOX-252] - Site Maintenance layout and view combinations
  • [CONTENTBOX-254] - New layout convention, if doing a search and you have a ‘search’ layout it will use it instead of the default ‘pages’ layout
  • [CONTENTBOX-264] - Ability to export all settings from the geek panel
  • [CONTENTBOX-265] - Ability to import custom HTML data
  • [CONTENTBOX-266] - Ability to bulk draft and publish Custom HTML with new event cbadmin_onCustomHTMLStatusUpdate
  • [CONTENTBOX-269] - Ability to import pages and blog entries
  • [CONTENTBOX-270] - Ability to import and export categories
  • [CONTENTBOX-271] - Ability to import export permissions
  • [CONTENTBOX-272] - Ability to import export roles with permissions
  • [CONTENTBOX-273] - Ability to import export users with permissions and roles
  • [CONTENTBOX-274] - Ability to import export security rules