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is there a reliable tool for script and tag and mixed syntax for checking var scoping issues?

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There used to be var scope but it was never continued to be developed.

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Yeah, Var Scoper only worked on tags if I recall. Same issue with the Rancho code coverage tool

I’d like to see something like this be added as an extension to Lucee. Writing a community tool would be difficult since one would basically need to rewrite an entire CFML parser from scratch. It would made sense to plug into an engine’s existing language parser.

I like things like Railo/Lucee’s “Local scope mode”, but it’s incompatible with ColdBox since we use variables scope on purpose in CFCs to maintain scope. Now, a solid argument can be made that we should prefix those with “variables.”.

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Perhaps we should also add one for supporting Railo/Lucee’s local scope mode.



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