[version] Slatwall Contententbox

This seems like it would make a really cool ContentBox module.
If it’s written in FW/1, it should convert easy. In fact, at one time Luis had built a FW/1 to ColdBox converter I think since the controller conventions are so similar.

I think the main question would be the two integration points for logins and site pages. Do you know know if slatwall uses the logins of the host app? What kind of database requirements does SlatWall have?

One annoying thing about a port for the SlatWall team is maintaining both code-bases. If SlatWall uses good MVC separations, most of their logic should be in re-usable models though.

This might be good time to remind everyone of the module-writing competition happening right now for ContentBox. The deadline is Dec 14th. This could just win someone a Kindle Fire :slight_smile:


Did anybody have a look at http://www.getslatwall.com/ and could estimate how much work it would be to integrate it in Contenbox/Coldbox?

Since there is no up to date open source e-commerce system for CF (at least I’m not aware of) Slatwall looks very promising.

Greg Moser wrote here ( http://www.gregmoser.com/blog/slatwall-open-source-cfml-ecommerce-is-here/ ):

Hi Brad,

thanks for getting back on this.

Is the FW1 converter somewhere available? I think a port would only make sense if the whole process could be automated as much as possible.
All database interactions are ORM based, so requirements should be equal to contentbox.

If I will find some time I will do a test install.


How complicated is it to convert Coldspring to wirebox? I never used it alone, only with Mura where it is quite slow.

Slatwall is really a cool shop solution. This was one reason to get into Mura too.

I think, it would be a great thing to have this shop integrated into ContentBox. Having a great shop solution in the portfolio might be giving bonus points for people evaluating a CMS.

We are Martin. We started already the ColdBox integration about two months ago and will announce it soon once the modules are complete. :slight_smile:

You can check out ten24’s github repo as they already have the module public and will need testing soon

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Looking forward to getting my hands on this, we already have big plans for using ContentBox and adding ecommerce features would be a great addition.



Is this idea to integrate slatwall into ContentBox still in your minds?

Actually, we’re using PrestaShop running on PHP for our customers. As you can imagine, you would love to have a CFML-based solution with integrates into ContentBox.
Reading the update page at the website of Slatwall, it sounds very silent to me.



As far as I know, the integration is done and located here: https://github.com/Ortus-Solutions/slatwall-contentbox

I don’t know if any has used it yet. I also don’t know why it’s not on ForgeBox yet.



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Please try it out. We need feedback on it.


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Yes, this is something that has been done. We need a real world customer to see where it lacks. Perhaps we can partner to build anything else that is missing.

Curt Gratz

Oh really ;.-)

I will try it out immediately.

The installation started with an error:

Using “Modules” → i choosed the zip file - > “Upload & Install”

I got this very strange error:

Error Installing Module: only this [application/octet-stream,application/x-zip-compressed] mime type are accepted The MIME type of the uploaded file [application/zip] was not accepted by the server.

IIS7.5 is capable to deal with Zip-files. The access rights are okay.

Any idea what happened here?


We have seen this same issue on Windows, it can’t unzip them. I think there is a fix on the newest version for it. Either way, if you just manually unzip it and drop in the module it should work.


Thanks Curt, i did this already, having now a folder slatwall-contentbox-master underneath modules.

I reloaded the everything, ending up with the error:

SlatwallPaymentMethod is not mapped [SELECT new map( aslatwallpaymentmethod.paymentMethodID as paymentMethodID) FROM SlatwallPaymentMethod as aslatwallpaymentmethod WHERE ( ( aslatwallpaymentmethod.activeFlag = :FaslatwallpaymentmethodactiveFlag1 ) )]

I’m not sure, if the mapping

this.mappings["/Slatwall"] = “#getDirectoryFromPath(expandPath(’/’))#Slatwall”;
arrayAppend(this.ormsettings.cfclocation, “/Slatwall/model/entity”);

needs to be added into the application.cfc


Is it true, that this shop contains only a handful tiny files in the zip file having only 27 KB Code?

It is the installer. It will download Slatwall

Okay, i have now a Slatwall-folder in the root.

It looks, that this is a “you have to guess” installation:

I added the following to CB’s application CFC:

this.mappings["/Slatwall"] = “#getDirectoryFromPath(expandPath(’/’))#Slatwall”;
arrayAppend(this.ormsettings.cfclocation, “/Slatwall/model/entity”);

I added the datasource into Slatwall\config\configApplication.cfm.
Facing an error now:

Component [Application] has no accessible Member with name [ORMSETTINGS]
Detail enable [trigger data member] in admininistrator to also invoke getters and setters
Stacktrace The Error Occurred in
D:\WebSpaces\balala.ch\wwwroot\Application.cfc: line 51

Well, is there an ORMSETTINGS struct in Application.cfc? Also, what’s the stack trace on that error?

From the color of the error message, it appears you’re using Railo, correct? Curt, did you guys develop this on ACF or Railo?



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ColdBox Platform: http://www.coldbox.org
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Either should work.

It has been tested a lot with only my setup and Gregs.

The installer should add everything you need for you in terms of modifying your application cfc.


Are you running out of a webroot or a subfolder??