Video showing how to get started with Coldbox?


I’ve just been in one of Charlie Arehart’s video conferences and the topic of getting started with Coldbox came up.

Has anyone done a video / conference on getting started migrating a legacy cfml app to Coldbox? It would be great to visualise what’s involved, from installing coldbox to getting a hello world to importing in my existing cfc’s and learning about dependency injection etc

If such a resource exists could someone please point me to it? If not, it sounds as though Charlie might be up for hosting a video conference on the topic.

I’d certainly be very interested in this.

Thank you very much.



Hi Nick, Ortus does in person trainings before or after every major CF conference (there were two this month!) and there are likely a handful of webinar recordings as well on our Vimeo feed and site.

As far as getting started in Coldbox, I’d start with some of these resources:

5 minute intro

60 minute intro

And here is an entire sample app that shows the Coldbox framework living alongside a legacy application. You can follow the instructions in the readme to fire up the site and then each page has information on how that page works and what files were involved.

Thanks Brad! That’s very helpful. Will have a look at the resources you’ve linked and the Vimeo channel. Thanks v much.