ViewsExternalLocation could not be found.

Hi guys,

I recently implemented the setting to enable an external views location. I’m using CB 3.0

//Extension Points
UDFLibraryFile = “includes/helpers/ApplicationHelper.cfm”,
coldboxExtensionsLocation = “”,
modulesExternalLocation = [],
pluginsExternalLocation = “platform.common.plugins”,
viewsExternalLocation = “platform.common.views”,
layoutsExternalLocation = “”,
handlersExternalLocation = “”,
requestContextDecorator = “”,

When I fwreinit the app I receive the following error:

ViewsExternalLocation could not be found.The directories tested was relative and expanded using platform.common.views. Please verify your setting. The error occurred in /Library/WebServer/Documents/coldbox/system/core/util/Util.cfc: line 125

Called from /Library/WebServer/Documents/coldbox/system/web/loader/CFCApplicationLoader.cfc: line 467
Called from /Library/WebServer/Documents/coldbox/system/web/loader/CFCApplicationLoader.cfc: line 118
Called from /Library/WebServer/Documents/coldbox/system/web/services/LoaderService.cfc: line 52
Called from /Library/WebServer/Documents/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 71
Called from /Library/WebServer/Documents/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 98
Called from /Library/WebServer/Documents/guardly-platform/api/v01/Application.cfc: line 58

123 : 		<cfargument name="type"  	type="string" 	required="no" default="Framework">
124 : 		
**125 : 		<cfthrow type="#arguments.type#" message="#arguments.message#"  detail="#arguments.detail#">**
126 : 	</cffunction>
127 : 

I have verified that this directory exists.  Any idea why I would be receiving this error?

Thank you.

The ViewsExternalLocation will take a relative path, not a dot delimited path. Something like this

viewsExternalLocation = “/platform/common/views”

Hope that helps,

Curt Gratz

Computer Know How