VirtualEntityService.list() issue

Have been working on an ajax call for a cfgid setup. I am able to
return data, but I had to override the list() method in my service so
it would work. The reason is because the invocation of
entityToQuery() in BaseORMService.list() throws the error below:


Since inheritance mapping is a very small use case, I think what you did is the way to go. Again, the base ORM services are just that, base. A good solid template to base your work on. :slight_smile:


I am wondering whether the call to entityToQuery() in
baseORMService.list() should have the entityName specified since it is
available and required in the call to baseORMService.list(). Is there
a time when you wouldn't want it specified?


well, because you could have another entity name on it due to the inheritance, so it might not be the same entity right?