WebSocketAppender for LogBox

I have written a blog post about viewing LogBox logging information on the client side in real time using web sockets. My post includes code for a WebSocketAppender for LogBox:


If you work on RIAs with a ColdBox (or LogBox without ColdBox) backend, you can view your LogBox logging information on the client side while you work on the client app. It has saved me time on debugging web service calls to the backend that have issues.

If you would like to use this solution yourself but need help with the Java classes, email me offlist for assistance. I plan on packaging the code with a basic example site on GitHub for easier use.

That’s pretty awesome! Can you throw your LogBox appender in a Github repo and put it on ForgeBox?



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+1 to that

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Yes, it should be in Github and ForgeBox later in the week.