weird problem on ACF9.01 & CB3.5beta

I’m running CB 3.5 Beta on ACF9.01 and its a fresh install. I haven’t modified anything and booted it up. Attached is the error I received.

Jeremy R. DeYoung

Can you post your ColdBox.cfc config from the application?

And the cachebox.cfc?

Jeremy R. DeYoung

CacheBox.cfc (2.08 KB)

Coldbox.cfc (3.82 KB)

This is a adobe cf issue where the orm validates your code and if not throws exception. Since the Railo provider is for Railo it bonks there. You can either remove it or tell the orm only what folders to look at or do skipcfconerror to false.


so add this <cfset this.ormSettings = {

logSQL = false,

flushAtRequestEnd = false,

eventHandling = true,

eventHandler = “model.EventHandler”,

cfclocation = "model"


got it thanks!

Jeremy R. DeYoung