What does this errormessage imply?

For a Coldbox website we suddenly see a lot of errormessages appearing
at random times. The same page sometimes shows this error, and
sometimes it loads fine. This is the case for all pages in the system:

key [AC603836-094D-3CAD-9BC441EF13B60E25.1.1] doesn't exist in struct

What is the key mentioned? And struct is it looking in? Is this the
server struct?

I need to find out what part of the system is causing this random

Anybody else seen this?

Kind regards,


Can you provide us with a stack trace?


Hi Brad,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the late respons, but I guess I
missed it at first. Just now saw it. I figured it out in the mean
time. The scope was indeed the server scope, and the key it was
referring to was the Transfer Javaloader. For some reason this is
giving us lots of errors. But not all the time, only sometimes, which
makes it great fun to debug :wink:

Kind regards,