What else is this view doing?

I have a view which contains a little code snippet to output the
result of an XSLT transformation.

<cfset xsl = prc.layoutManager.getXSL("modulecontent")>
<cfoutput>#xmlTransform(prc.layoutManager.getLayoutXML(), xsl)#</

Nothing special about it, but I'm getting some odd results when I look
at how long the thing takes. At first I thought that perhaps the XSLT
transform was slowing it down, so I wrapped a Timer around each line
to see what popped out:

Most of the time I get something like this, which adds up nicely:

01:10:19.246 AM 8 ms xslget ... ...
01:10:19.312 AM 64 ms xslt ... ...
01:10:19.313 AM 77 ms rendering View [layoutsnippets/

Once every so often (every 5 or so requests), however, there is a big

01:06:14.111 AM 10 ms xslget ... ...
01:06:14.151 AM 38 ms xslt ... ...
01:06:14.152 AM 182 ms rendering View [layoutsnippets/

I thought perhaps some cache operation, but this view isn't cached,
nor is the event which calls

What else is this view doing to eat up that extra time?

Are you sure this behavior is specific to this one view? At least on
windows, I've always seen timing differences for the exact same
operation, including when ColdBox wasn't in the picture at all. I
assumed that was caused by other process on the box, or maybe
housekeeping by the JVM or for ColdFusion's incremental compilation.


yeah you're probably right -- I was just curious if there was some
arcane coldbox "thing" that I might be able to tune out before I go
looking at the machine itself :slight_smile: