What is the best way to send comments on Docs on the Wiki?


I went to http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/Template:BootstrapperDirectives.cfm

and have a few questions, comments.

- You mention under App_Mapping setting "programatic approach" Could
you explain (not just for my benefit but teammates also). (oh and its
'programmatic' )

- You show an example of a custom configuration, but not really clear
as to how it actually is custom.

If you have a good way for me to post these comments, as I don't think
the group is good, would be more than happy to keep sending.


HI kevin, the group is good or on the actual pages themselves also, so a history is kept of commentary on the pages.
I will answer soon on the pages.

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Cool. I'll see about commenting on the pages so you have a history.