What is the correct interception point to use here

Ok I made a little noise earlier about the interception points for entries, being wrong as they pass no data across.

I am in the middle of writing another module, that needs to display information based on the current entry / content. The correct entryPoint that I can see is cbui_postEntryDisplay which works to some degree, however I need to now display information after that post that is related to that post.

The problem as I mentioned earlier is that no interceptData is passed across to the interceptor, so how do I get the required information that I need?

Now from what I can tell also, and I might be wrong is that that intercept is announced with more than one entry as well. So in the event that we land on a page that displays more than one entry, like the archives page. Then this is after all the entries have been displayed, which is not what I need either.

This module is going to be specific to an entry or content, and needs to run after each bit of content is displayed.

Anyone have any answers or solutions?