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I’m new in ContentBox, but it looks nice for a couple of websites I would like to create. I have about 15 years experience with ColdFusion, so creating new modules etc shouldn’t be that problem. But on the documentation tab I can only find how to install the cms. But where can I find full documentation for both the user and the developer side? Or do I have to figure out everything myself?

Thanks in advance


Hi Frank–

Welcome to the ContentBox community!!

Documentation for user and developers is something that we are working toward. In the meantime, I would suggest a few things:

  1. Check out the source. Given your experience, I think you’ll find it pretty easy to follow along to see how things fit together and be able to draw from that in developing your own code.

  2. Watch the recordings from CBDW 2013. There were a number of sessions covering ContentBox that I think you’ll find helpful.

  3. Check out the community submissions at http://www.coldbox.org/forgeBox. There are ContentBox layouts, widgets and modules that you can draw inspiration from, and just see in general how others have developed for ContentBox.

  4. Post your questions here! There are lots of people ready and willing to answer any and all questions you might have regarding ContentBox.

  5. Check out Andrew Scott’s blog. Andrew has done a TON of blog posts regarding ContentBox and has covered a range of topics.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep working on the documentation! :slight_smile:

Frank, welcome to ContentBox! Right now some of our documentation is in the process of being written still. I would recommend going through our Vimeo channel or recorded webinars first for ContentBox sessions:

This recording is an introduction to ContentBox from last year, but still very good:

Here is one on building themes:

Here is one on building modules:

Andrew Scott also has a lot of blog articles too such as this one:

And of course, asking on this mailing list will get you answers too!



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Thanks for all the answers. I will have a look at it.


We will be putting out a major getting started guide by next week. Jorge is already proofing it.