[wirebox-2.0.0] Adding Flash Ram

Since I cannot move this app I’m working on FULLY to coldbox, we are doing a first step by moving to wirebox to handle our models / factory needs, which is working stupendously.

However, as a CB developer, I have gotten horribly used to flashRAM and what is now the storage modules in CB4 to handle persistence and messaging. Is there an implementation path to pull these into a wirebox only environment or are they too tightly coupled to CB for that to happen?


You would have to extract just the models from the modules and map them in WireBox. The scope storages are pretty stand alone and probably don’t have any references to the ColdBox framework. Not sure about Flash Ram. It’s intertwined with ColdBox settings, etc. I’m sure you could make a standalone Flash Ram implementation, but in both of these cases your doing something that you probably won’t be able to just “update” with new ColdBox versions. It would sort of be a one-time hack.



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Hi Mike,

Flash is part of coldbox-4 code-base, you can configure flash setting in config/coldbox.cfc

// flash scope configuration
flash = {
scope = “session,client,cluster,ColdboxCache,or full path”,
properties = {}, // constructor properties for the flash scope implementation
inflateToRC = true, // automatically inflate flash data into the RC scope
inflateToPRC = false, // automatically inflate flash data into the PRC scope
autoPurge = true, // automatically purge flash data for you
autoSave = true // automatically save flash scopes at end of a request and on relocations.

Kinda what I thought Brad…thank you for confirming there is at least hope. I’m going to probably do the one time hack…I’m hopeful we’ll be able to move the project CB in the next year.


Thanks for the reply Sana, but I’m not in a CB environment at this time…I’m thinking to carve out a few key features and implement them in a pure wirebox only implementation.