Wirebox and autowiring: not working for me

Hi all,

I am in the process of updating a rather large app to the 3.0 FInal
release of Coldbox, and since I was using Lightwire I wanted to
replace that with Wirebox:

In the coldbox.cfc I created the following config:

In Interceptors:
        // Autowire
           entityInjection = true
Instead of the IOC Integration part:
      //Model Integration view WireBox
      wirebox = {
        enabled = true

I created the wirebox.cfc file and put all my config for my CFC's in
the Service layer there. An example:


This part works as expected. But as I understand it, the beans, which
are in the directory model/beans/ do not need to be declared, Wirebox
should see them automaticly.

I have created the following line in my beans, following the
Simpleblog example:

  <!--- DEPENDENCIES via WireBOX --->
  <cfproperty name="myDSN" inject="coldbox:datasource:dsn"
persistent="false" />

But when I dump the bean, I just see an empty property myDSN, nothing
is injected.

When I look at the Simpleblog example, the code looks the same, but is

What am I missing here?

Kind regards,