WireBox - getBean() & containsBean()

Hi, couldn't find a seperate group for WireBox so hope it's OK to post

I'm looking to use WireBox on an existing (Fusebox 4) application and
noticed that it doesn't support getBean and containsBean. Is there any
reason why these aren't used as it would make it easier to integrate
WireBox with legacy applications.


- John

HI Jon,

Yes, the coldbox group is for all the different frameworks.

The reason behind this is that we do not call wirebox a bean container, so I did not want to go that route but more of an injector and manipulator than anything else. Thus, the nomenclature I chose was more towards those goals (guice inspired) rather than spring inspired. However, I know this would be concerns for other people. That is why you can see that there is a WireBox adapter in the

These adapters are there so you can use coldspring, coldspring2, lightwire and wirebox itself on legacy apps that rely on getBean() and containsBean().

So instead of directly creating the injector with a binder and the such you will create the adapter and use that instead.

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Hi Luis,

Thanks. I thought you might have made that decision because of
semantics. Have you thought about shipping the adapter with the
standalone WireBox?

- John

It should be there also