Anyone upgrade to 1.1 and get?

Element XEHADMINACTION is undefined in PRC.

LINE: 22
Template: \jonathan\modules\contentbox-admin\views\dashboard\index.cfm

Yes my blog is running it.

Did you get error? I comment out that section of the admin panel and all is good.

Nope, what version did you update from?

Did you do a incremental update or a cumulative update from that version to the current version? Or did you grab the entire download from the website?

Have you tried restarting ColdFusion and trying again?

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Yes I restarted CF. I used the update tool in contentbox. I was at
1.0.8. I looked at that portion of code in github and didn't see a

Ok that is your problem and although I disagree with the current implementation, as I think it should be cumulative.

But at the moment you have skipped 1.09 and 1.10, but I am confused how you can say there is no difference as there are numerous changes along those versions.

I know I fell into this same problem.

What fixed it for me, was to delete the database, and redeploy the version from the goContentBox web site. I then made sure ColdFusion had been stopped and restarted to make sure nothing of the cache was left behind. And then ran ContentBox and went through the setup phase.

I do not recommend doing that for production, I would encourage people to setup locally with a copy of the live data, and get it working and running and then file sync the changes and sync the DB changes…

Anyway off the track again.

The problem with skipping versions is that the database will be ignored from any updates, however if you are 100% confident that the domains (entities in CF) are exact with no differences, you can then add the update to the application.cfc and restart ColdFusion before running the application again.

Or you could simply just change the Application Name, so that nothing is cached in the same application name.

This will then allow for the database to be updated, once that has happened then you can just change the changes in Application.cfc back to what it was.

These are things you need to do, because without those DB changes you will run into more problems like this.

I have been meaning to blog about this for so long…

I only looked at the one specific 4 lines of code that generated the
error. Obviously there is a new prc.XEHADMINACTION var that was
introduced and if it was done using an interceptor I likely am missing

Luckily, this is only my test blog.

Yeah I am guessing the same, I don’t recall the exact error I got but it was almost identical to that. But then fixed that and then other problems occurred.

Anyway the moral of this story is that until the updates via the dashboard uses cumulative updating, it is very useless to be honest.

My opinion on this matter is that when you go to production, you don’t want to pull the site down while trying to find what you may have missed, the less the site is down the better in my opinion. Because not only at each step are you re-updating, but you have to go through and test each aspect just to be sure so if you get too far behind in the updates could cost you a day in just updating and testing.